2 thoughts on “VIDEO: The People’s Book Project

  1. The apparent size of this project is likely to detract from the places where a certain amount of common sense could properly carry it forward. The greatest scourge within the civilized world today is on internal government and the amount of corruption that replaces what should in theory be a government of, by and for the people. Yet for a variety of reasons associated with the political system, a straight and honest form of representation of the people’s needs and the bringing into place of the laws needed to obtain them are very far from being a realistic goal. Nor would it seem that the production of a People’s Book which hopefully would state the priorities in the right order, could actually result in some serious and sincere attempt to change the system.

    So it seems to me that instead of concentrating on this oh so profound state of the hope for the future in one hefty document, it would be far more practicle to allow instead for the many fractions to state their claims as independent forces and that only after a true sweep of all the interested parties has been published might it then be possible to write a serious document that hopefully might bring it all together.

    There is however what I believe is a better approach and this is a stratigic one. Forget about all the hoopla and concentrate on the single most burning issue in practicle terms. Surely this is not government corruption but employment and the way to analyise

  2. unfortunately the previous window was unstable and I could not finish my comment.

    The way to analyse the problem of joblessness and poverty requires some serious social engineering (your term not mine) and the approach thaken today by moderm macroeconomics is not at all as logical as this wording implies. So not only is the problem staring in the face but the means for its solution is badly lacking.

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