VIDEO: American War Machine

For centuries the US has been a part of wars foreign and domestic. According to some numbers, the US Army flag has 183 campaign ribbons hanging by it and in the 236 years of America’s existence the country participates in an average of roughly 1.3 wars per year. Many feel that the US’ major export is war and many wonder why America so gun-ho about going to war? Andrew Gavin Marshall, project manager for, joins us helps us answer that question.

Interview: History of American Imperialism on the Unbought and Unbossed Radio Show

Recent interview with Raymond Geisler on the Unbought and Unbossed Radio Show on the history of American Imperialism. Starting with the 1832 Marine invasion of Indonesia, to the Spanish-American War of 1898 which led to the invasion of Cuba and the occupation and colonization of the Philippines, up to the present day, this show looks at the evolution of American imperialism transitioning from the 19th into the 20th centuries:

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Interview With the Corbett Report Radio Show on The People’s Book Project and the American Empire

The following was an interview I did with the Corbett Report Radio show on 11 January 2012, discussing The People’s Book Project and the American Empire.

Tonight we talk to Andrew Gavin Marshall about The People’s Book Project, an experiment in crowdfunding to counter the influence of the multinational corporations, foundations and other institutions that have been directing our society for generations with their seemingly unlimited funds. We discuss the book, Andrew’s forthcoming podcast, “Empire, Power, and People,” for, and the institutional framework that has been laid by organizations like the CFR for the projection of American power throughout the globe.

Listen to the interview HERE.